Why another URL-Opener.org?

URL Opener is a productivity tool. This url opener will be helful for SEO specialts, explorers and surfers. Opening multiple urls in bulk saves a lot of time.
We used other tools and then decided to make my own for 1 reason only - I needed a url opener that opens instantenously. Immediately, if you will.

That's the statement behind this url opener tool. It's blazingly fast

We welcome you in this journey to save your time and improve efficiency. Any ideas about this tool and how to improve it for you are appreciated. Follow this link to submit the feedback about this url opener.

How this url opener tool is better?

  1. Quick feedback as you type/paste. Visual validation of # of links parsed. We usually open links in batches of 20 or 50, so it is an extra check to make sure all things are copied
  2. Save every keystore or click. URL Opener automatically focuses and selects previos links. Paste instead
  3. Different modes. Open urls in direct order or in reversed order. Another mini reason we got our own url opener tool
  4. Bootstrap styles are so 2000. Nicer responsive look and feel
  5. Grammarly autocomplete is disabled in this url opener tool. No need to spellcheck urls, we all got them ready
  6. Better & faster url parsing. No need to type http:// for each of the links. URL Opener knows it's all https anyways.

Thank you!